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Nevada Licensed Substitute Teacher

If you love working with children, we welcome you to join our substitute teacher team today! Mariposa Academy substitute teachers earn $95.00 per day! 

If you substitute in the same assignment for more than 20 consecutive (full) days you will receive an additional $15 per day beginning the 21st day! Must have a valid substitute NV license. 

To apply send your resume and valid Nevada Substitute teacher license to:

Occupational Therapist- consulting basis

Occupational therapists support academic outcomes, including core academics, social skills, and self-help skills.  They are trained in facilitating student access to curricular activities through supports, designing and planning, and reducing barriers that limit student participation within the school environment.


Work with IEP Teams to support meaningful progress towards IEP goals
Support mastery of activities within the school day, identifying and eliminating fine motor barriers to independence and participation in daily activities as they pertain to educational access.
Conduct screenings and/or assessments and share results with IEP Teams
Provide written input to inform student/present levels of performance
Make recommendations to include adaptations to school activities
Work with students to improve fine motor skills
Identify and obtain needed/specialized equipment and materials
Collaborate with school staff and other professionals
Gather information about functional abilities and physical developments relevant to students' education 

The Occupational Therapist will work with other educational professionals, members of the community and families to help students engage in their educational activities.

Compensation: $50/hour approximately 7 hours per week

To apply send your resume: